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Admissions Staff Directory

Each member of the admissions staff has an area of expertise; this directory
will help you send your question to the appropriate staff member.


Grecia Montero, Director of Admissions

Natalie Steele, Admissions Counselor, In-State Freshmen Recruitment

Emily Nagele, Admissions Counselor, New York and Connecticut Recruitment

Lindsay Barndt, Admissions Counselor, Pennsylvania and Delaware Recruitment; School Counselor Liaison

Jamie Caponera, Admissions Counselor, College Ambassador Coordinator

Dawn Wilson, Assistant Director of Multicultural Recruitment and EOF

Erin Barnard, Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfers

Kevin Fay, Assistant Director of Admissions for On-Campus Recruitment and International Applicants

Matt Middleton, Associate Director of Admissions for Out-of-State Recruitment

Regional Liaisons

John MacPherson, Regional Liaison for Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens, NY

Christine Marks, Regional Liaison for New England

Support Staff

Shelley Chopp, Guest Reception

Audrey Russell, Freshmen and Transfer Applicant Support

Quiana Starr, Freshmen Applicant Support

Adele Talone, Transfer and Non-Matriculation Support

Nadia Verna, Director’s Secretary and International Applicant Support

Alexis Zahorsky, Freshmen Applicant Support